• About our Programs

    Off World Studio offers much more than the traditional "instrument lessons" found at many music stores, schools, and studios. When you enroll in one of Off World Studio's many instrument or academic Music Education Programs, you will receive a thorough, well-rounded education in all aspects of music and music performance.
  • Instruments

    All instrument programs are individually tailored to meet the needs of each student based on their level, experience, and interests. Programs include complete and progressive instruction in reading, technique, theory and application, history, and performance.
  • Academic Programs

    Theory and academic programs are individually tailored to meet the needs of each student based on their level, experience, and interests. Programs vary from sightsinging and ear-training designed to embellish a young musician’s private lessons or school band program, to intensive college preparation courses and advanced analytical theory.
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Payment Policy

Enrollment in any of Off World Studio's Music Education Programs comes with much more than a weekly session.

Our programs are

  • Progressive
    Programs continually build a knowledge base while strengthening and incorporating past and present studies.

  • Motivational
    Music should be fun! We integrate the student's interests, and will not dwell on repetitive exercises providing little value to the student's progression.

  • Customized
    Each and every student is different, and so is each program. Your program is custom arranged for you, emphasizing your particular interests and working towards your specific goals, all the while introducing the vast diversity of the musical world to you.

There is no per lesson charge.

Your monthly payment reserves your specific day and time in one or more of Off World Studio's many Education Programs.

Program fees are based on an annual tuition and paid in monthly installments. The monthly fee remains the same regardless of how many weekly sessions occur in any month.

Enrollment fees

Weekly Sessions

45 minute enrollment
$85.00 per month

30 minute enrollment
$60.00 per month

A $5.00 discount per each additional student is available for families enrolling more than one student and blocking session times.

Methods books and some materials may be an additional charge.

Coaching Sessions

60 minute session

$25.00 per hour

Scheduled on a singular or irregularly occurring basis, coaching sessions are offered for recital or competition preparation, or for the busy adult who cannot commit to a weekly session.

Studio Make-up Policy

Credit for cancelled sessions requires at least 24 hours notice. Sessions cancelled with at least 24 hours notice will be rescheduled at the student’s and instructor’s earliest convenience. Missed session not made up in a timely manner may become subject to dismissal. Sessions cancelled without 24 hours notice will not rescheduled.

NO REFUNDS will be given for missed sessions. In case of instructor cancellations or cancellations due to inclement weather, rescheduled sessions will be arranged at the earliest possible convenience. A series of extended sessions may be substituted for missed sessions upon student/instructor approval.

Academic Programs

While theory, sightsinging, composition, and improvisation are all covered in our instrument programs, we offer these topics in separate, more intensive sessions for particular students:

  • the student who wishes to more completely explore a particular area
  • for a band, orchestra, or private student who wants a more complete education
  • for the vocalist or non-instrumentalist looking to expand their abilities or explore other areas without learning a new instrument
  • for the college or university bound student looking to prepare for their undergraduate studies
  • any other adventurous, eager, or interested student!

Music Theory
Learn the Language of Music. Theory programs give the student a better understanding of and appreciation for music. Private theory sessions can be scheduled to enhance any music program or any level of musician.

Learn to read music as fluently as you read your morning paper or favorite magazine. Theory and ear-training combine to give the student the ability to hear written music and vocalize it without playing an instrument.

Explore the tools and structure of writing music.

Become an instantaneous composer. Learn how to play solos, create melodies, and generally make music – on the spur of the moment!

Jazz Improvisation
A more intensive and comprehensive improvisation program tailored for the jazz student.

Analytical Theory
For the advanced student, college prep, or the truly adventurous. Investigate the musical world in depth, compare diverse musical philosophies, discover new and various perspectives on music, and explore history through music.

Improvisation programs require an instrument.
Theory, sightsinging, and composition can be taken without an instrument, but a basic keyboard knowledge is necessary and will be instructed as needed.

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Mission Statement

Our goal at Off World Studio is to cultivate musicianship, appreciation, and versatility in our students in addition to helping them reach their fullest potential as a performing musician.